Top 3 Reasons to Relocate for Romance

The exact number of romantic couples in a long distance dating relationship is impossible to pin down, but census surveys have confirmed that there are just over 7 million couples (14-15 million individuals) in the U.S that consider themselves in a long distance relationship. What this means for you is that when you find the man or the woman of your dreams, don’t let distance get in the way of true happiness. Relocating to be with your loved one can be a great adventure and the first step in building a happy future.

Here are three main reasons to turn your long distance dating relationship into a lasting love affair:

Turn dissatisfaction into satisfaction

Few couples recommend living far apart. Instead of waking up day after day to a half empty home and half empty life, commit to your relationship by relocating to be with your loved one. One thing is for certain: if you move to be with your partner and it doesn’t work out, you can come back. If you stay behind hoping that your relationship will endure the trials of long distance dating, you could end up regretting your decision for life.

Make more money

There are two main reason couples end up living in different cities. One is when a partner is in the military and is stationed overseas or sent to boot camp. The other is because of employment. People who move because they find employment far away typically relocate to a city with a lower unemployment rate. In fact, it’s booming tech and energy economies in cities like Houston, Seattle and North Carolina that recruit capable workers far and wide. Relocating to be with your career-minded partner also puts you in a professionally advantageous position — an important thing to keep in mind when you start a family and need to stash away money for a wedding, kids, college and your own retirement.

Start a family


It’s a known fact that the longer a couple waits to start a family, the more difficult it can become. When you’re in love and know you want to have a future together, a long-distance relationship can interfere with your dreams. One of the biggest reasons long distance dating couples stay separated is fear. One partner fears leaving her family or worries that he won’t find work. However, there are even more reasons to be excited to start over. With the family you build together, you and your partner certainly will not be alone. And moving to a town that has promising employment can be motivation for friends, siblings and other family members to follow. Finally, there’s an inexplicable pull that grandparents have toward their grandchildren. Once you and your partner start your own family, don’t be surprised when parents and in-laws start expressing a desire to move closer to you.

There’s no doubt that the biggest reason couples in a long distance relationship throw in the towel is due to fear. Fear that relocating is permanent, fear that you’ll lose touch with family and friends. Fear that you won’t find work. But people relocate all the time and if it were such a negative experience there would not be an entire industry — such as moving companies — that cater to couples who relocate, helping them find housing in unfamiliar cities, moving their belongings thousands of miles and essentially eliminating nearly any worry you can think of. It’s easy to manufacture unfounded reasons why relocating might be a bad idea. Instead, follow your heart. Happiness is not about where you are but whom you’re with.

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