Top Cities for Dating Singles over 30

The world is a massive place, full of interesting people to meet, new things to experience, places to see and true love to discover. Boost your chances for meeting fantastic people by visiting or relocating to one of these great cities, rated as some of the best for dating singles over 30.


Outdoor enthusiasts love this city because there is really no time of year that you can’t enjoy the sunshine. Walking trails are everywhere, the scenery is beautiful, and active people are easy to find. Fitness is a major part of Austin lifestyle, so you’ll find energetic sexy singles all over the city. Add to that a fantastic live music scene highlighted by tons of festivals, concerts and impromptu gatherings and you’ve got an absolutely electric opportunity to meet new people. Austin is a robust source of cultural venues, playing host to many museums and art galleries. The people are very friendly and relaxed.

New York City

It would be hard to imagine the top cities for singles NOT listing NYC as a go-to. The city that never sleeps is one of the most awesome places for singles. Around the clock entertainment, world class sports, heaps of culture, a spectacular array of restaurants, great shopping, and a bustling business industry make NYC a mecca for singles. The more sophisticated parts of the city make it perfect for professionals over 30 who want a little more depth and class from their lives. Your relocation assistance expert can get you into the right neighborhoods and let you in on some of the city’s secrets.

New Orleans

The Big Easy isn’t just about crazy Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. It’s a great place for young entrepreneurs to start and has been noted as one of the most creative cities in America. For lovers of jazz, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and Dixieland music there is a never ending supply of live performances. Foodies will take great pleasure in the indulgent choices available and will love trying dishes like real jambalaya, crawfish etouffee, and king cakes. New Orleans residents are proud of their city, loyal to each other, and generally spectacular. Your relocation assistance professional can give you many tips on the real N’Awlins and you’ll love the rich history.

Relocation_IdeasLas Vegas

Vegas has been a booming city for decades, and the fact that people go there to have a great time says a lot for your chance of meeting someone there. Though most of the people you will meet in the city are there temporarily, that is part of the allure for many people. The service industry is the city’s primary job source, though technology companies have started to nest here over the last several years. Las Vegas has a wealth of things to do, and it is surrounded by beautiful desert great for outdoorsy people. Ask your relocation assistance professional about the Las Vegas loved by the locals.


Sultry, sensual, and full of promise, Miami has a strong population of 30-something singles. A bumping nightlife, fantastic weather, and sexy tourists give this city an edgy, energized feeling. Miami has an abundance of rich food and beautiful beaches, a diverse population, and has a reputation for being a very unique place to live. The city is always changing and you’ll find new experiences regularly.

What better way to enjoy life than to move to an area full of promise, adventure, and potential love? Join The Move, and your relocation assistance professional will help you find exactly what you want out of life. Follow your heart. We’ll pave the way!


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