Top Reasons You should Relocate to the West Coast

Relocation_TipsNo one ever writes a relocation guide that addresses everything you personally need to know, but that’s the great thing about the Internet. Everything you need to know is there, somewhere. All you really need is for someone to point the way, or perhaps cut down on your options a bit.

If you know you want to move to a new area, but aren’t sure where, that’s exactly when a little advice can help. For those in such a situation, have you considered moving to the west coast?

Sure, it doesn’t have the history of the east coast, but it’s home to a large share of the fastest-growing companies in the world, and is still generating plenty of work opportunities for those who can get a chance to jump into the fray.

So why move to the west coast? We’ve got a little relocation guide with three compelling reasons…

Relocation Guide: Three Great Choices On The West Coast!


Do you want all the boom of a tech town without all the weirdos in California? Do you want to experience one of the thriving cultural hubs of the country? Do you want to live in a state that actually has a rain forest?

Yes, it does actually rain as much as you’ve heard, but aside from that, Seattle has a lot to recommend for a young up-and-comer looking for new opportunities. With all the seafood, vegan, and coffee you could ever want, it’s just the place to join into the electronic business flow.

Major downside: The chances of an unpleasant doom via either earthquake or volcano are disturbingly high compared to even other catastrophe-prone areas of the US.

San Francisco:

Of course, in terms of culture, Seattle has nothing on San Francisco, which continues to be everything it’s always said to be. If you need a place where you can just be yourself, man, without much worry about what anyone thinks, San Francisco is still the place to be.

For those who want to go carless, it has an amazing array of public and alternative-transportation options. Besides two city-run operations – BART and MUNI – there are multiple ride and bikeshare systems as well as loads of taxis. There are few cities outside of New York where it’s so easy to get around.

Major downside: “Is that a costume?” will be answered in the negative quite often, and usually when you were hoping for a ‘yes’.

Los Angeles:

The City of Angels continues to gleam like a bug zapper in the California desert, attracting many and burning the unwary. If stardom is your goal, there are still few places on earth you could possibly rather be, and you get that great climate to boot. When you’re driving down Mulholland with your top down, it’s like being in a movie.

And if you have a foot in the door, LA can ultimately reward the successful like few cities can dream.

Also, South Central is totally nowhere nearly as scary as people think.

Major downside: think twice if you don’t actually have a real connection lined up. Even when times are good, the city can be brutal on newcomers waiting for a break.

Just like they say there’s the right person out there for you, we say there’s a right place for you as well. With a continent of variety to choose from, you can find a new home in America that will make your dreams come true.

With a relocation guide, some online tips, and a dream in your head, you can pave the road to success.

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