Trick or Treat


Anyone who knows me knows that I love Halloween.  Not so much for the candy or costumes but more for the tradition of getting a bunch of families together at our house.  This will be the 10th year we have hosted Halloween and what started with feeding kids early then all heading out together and coming back for late night dinner for the adults and candy exchange for the kids has evolved into a full open house pandemonium.  Some of the kids trick-or-treat on their own, some parents tag along and some parents have graduated to holding down the fort at our house, tasting the food and “stirring” the pot and witches brew.  It is a tradition that I love even with 100% chance of rain in the forecast.   To me it represents a night of fun with my family and friends with a great emphasis on the kids.  What could be better at this stage of life?

Do you have certain traditions that are permanently on your calendar?  How do they make you feel?  I’d love to hear some of your stories.  Traditions old and new are what make the stories of our lives and the beauty of them is by the second go-around you have earned the right to coin them as traditions.

At Moving For Love, we focus on helping you pick up and move somewhere for someone, someplace or some lifestyle.  Are you thinking about moving for that special person, perhaps the warmth of the beach as most of the country prepares for winter or perhaps just the opposite, are you ready to tackle some fresh powder and hit the slopes?  If any of these descriptions fit you, let us pave the way for you to get there and begin or carry on with the traditions you have.   Traditions are enriched by the people we share them with and the setting can always be “moved”.


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