Vegas Baby!


Last week I wrote about the Olympics and the hard work and determination that goes into making it there.  As a parent, it is the greatest joy to demonstrate to your kids what is possible.  Why they should dream the impossible and go for the gold.  Did I just say “gold”?!  Okay,  fast forward to this week where I find myself at a conference in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.  Much like Sochi, it seems every country is represented here from the Eiffel Tower to the pyramids, Caesar’s Palace and canals of  Venice.  If the hotels and casino’s don’t cover the globe the combined nationalities of the visitors certainly does.

Much like a quickly forgotten New Year’s resolution perhaps your aspirations of an Olympic medal have now just boiled down to chasing the gold.  If that is the case you should be here with me.   A week ago witnessing personal perseverance, dedication and discipline to a full on barrage of entertainment, gambling and rolling it all on lady luck.   I would guess that my personality like most of yours reading this article falls somewhere in between the mindset  necessary to make it to the Olympics and the mindset willing to throw it all on the line.

The silver lining is that in anything we do and work for, the numbers can align by skill or luck and create the same outcome.



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