Wanna Be My Friend?

If you stopped and made a list of all of your friends could you remember how you met them? For most of us our friends are a combination of those we’ve had from childhood or those we’ve met through our children. So what happens when you decide to move to a new city? What happens when you start spending more time in a vacation destination? How do you make friends if you nest is empty at any age? These are great questions to ask and a quick search shows you that many people are seeking the answers. As I pondered this question and tried to put myself in a new environment I think it boils down to talking to people, talk to anyone and everyone. How many people do you “recognize” but not know? The person you see at church every week but have no idea what their name is, the person who is always in front of you at the coffee shop, the person who never fails to be getting on the elevator at the office at the same time or the person you’ve done yoga next to for years? If we are honest with ourselves there a lot of people we see and even talk to but don’t know. I challenge all of us to go out of our way to identify someone who fits that description and find out who they are so when we talk we can actually build a friendship. None of us have nameless friends. Let’s get out there talk to people, find out who they are and what their story is. If we practice making friends then if we ever get the chance to move for love we will be old pros at making them.

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