What Can Sun Do For You?


I realize that UPS has coined the phrase, “What can brown do for you?” but I would like to rephrase and ask what can sun do for you?  As I have mentioned in the past, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and like most of the nation we have endured a brutally cold winter.  There are not enough clothes, boots, gloves, and hats to feel toasty this year.  Last weekend, I had the luxury of flying 2 hours south to Miami/South Beach.   We took off and it was 2 degrees and we landed and it was 80 degrees.  It seems unfathomable that in such a short time we were able to gain 78 degrees and actually feel warm.  If you’ve never been to South Beach it is an urban/international melting pot of all ages and was very crowded. I am sure there was a mix of residents, business travelers, and lot of northerners like us on a pilgrimage of sorts for sun and heat.  It certainly delivered just that.  As I was zipping my boots getting bundled to return home I looked out the window and thought about the lifestyle and warmth just below on the sidewalk.    It is very easy to understand how Florida’s population has grown not only with snow birds but younger people as well.  To be able to be outside year round and enjoy the lifestyle that provides is enviable.  If you feel like this winter has been too long for you, and you are entertaining moving for love of warmth, sunshine and outdoor living then let us help you.


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