What does summer mean to you?

So can you answer the question…what does summer mean to you?  This is a great question and of course one I will answer.  I thought about the meaning at different stages in my life and hypothesized about the future.  My conclusion is that summer means lack of discipline (in the best sense possible).  Regardless of our age we tend to go out more, stay up later, indulge in an extra soda, sundae or glass of wine.  Bottom line… we say “yes” to things we pass on during other times of the year.  This sense of fun or doing what we want may be the reason summer always seems to fly by.  If you are reading this and reflecting on your summer I hope you seize all of the opportunities the next two months bring your way.  Say “yes” impulsively, do something you wouldn’t normally do and let your hair down.  This is a moment in time that allows us a little extra room for regardless of our age we all tend to head back to school or just basics after Labor Day.

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