What is your travel line?

USA_MapLast week I had dinner with a friend who was talking about her dad’s philosophy that everything he needs or wants is within an hour east or west of I-75.  I’ve been thinking about his proclamation and you know what…. Good for him.  We talk about having roots, sometimes they are deep sometimes we pull them up and replant in new locations but I’ve never thought about an atlas approach to the roots we plant.  This man enjoys summers in Michigan, winters in Florida and time between in Cincinnati.  If you look at the map, indeed he is always right along I-75 and actually could make a ton of stops hitting many of our countries most visited sites and still stay within an hour east or west of the highway.

What is your roadmap?  Do you have one?  Some of us pride ourselves on dropping travel pins all over the globe and I venture to guess some of you take pride in having permanent addresses all over the map as well.  The options are endless but we should all probably have our route mapped out either short term or long term.  If you haven’t stopped to look at where you’ve been and where you are headed this is a great time to sit down and analyze it.  We might be surprised to know that we don’t need to venture much further than my friends dad to be completely satisfied in our lives.

If you evaluate your personal atlas and would like help making that next move or perhaps you are fortunate enough to pick a second address to call home our personal move assistants would love to help you.


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