What’s your currency?


Lesson 101 in sales… everything is for sale, you just have to name the price.

I must admit I do think there is truth to this statement but I would ask not what is your price but what is your currency.  With all of the recent press on the acceptance of bitcoins I wonder not “how much” but rather “with what”.  Long before any currency was exchanged man bartered and traded for what he needed and it worked well.  You have something I need or want so I better come up with something desirable for you so we can trade.  That was the beginning.  As time evolved, we moved from a need driven society for our exchanges toward a need/want society.  With the establishment of currencies and the premise of supply and demand, prices were named.  Depending on what our needs and wants are today I would argue that our currencies could be defined as not only monetary but time.  It seems to me that across all demographics the most precious commodity we all have is our time.  Some of us would happily pay big money to free up our time and others of us would happily donate our time in lieu of financial contribution.  For anyone who has served on any Board you know the drill they want your time, talent and treasure.  These are your currencies and you must decide how to divide them accordingly whether serving on a Board or managing your life.  So…. how much value do you place on each of your currencies and do you have reserves in all three?  My husband recently read the book, The 80/20 Principle.  He has become a talking head for it and the general value of time.  So how does all of this relate to Moving For Love?  Here you go, if you have considered a move but aren’t sure then let us provide you with the resources and answers to your questions, let us take care of the details, knowledge of relocating is our talent, which leaves you the time to focus on the need or want that you are seeking.


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