Why do we love summer camps more than ever?

“Hello mother…. hello father…greetings from camp fill in the blank… there is no greater anticipation than a letter from a child at camp.  In this world of over programmed, plug-in lives we Summer Camp all lead, summer camp is a throw back to digitless era that we all want our children to experience.  Many an article has been written on it including this one last year that I particularly enjoyed.  Our 13 year old daughter went to camp this summer for two weeks in June.  She absolutely loved it and I loved that she was unplugged from everything including us!  While the camp posted pictures online so you could at least see your children, the only method of communication was written and I became the child racing to the mailbox hoping to get a letter.

What made camp so great was that she got to experience and enjoy having fun outdoors, making new friends face to face, whispering past lights out in the cabin and trying new things.  Camp may be a great American past-time with a thriving future even for adults.    Not only does camp bring back memories of childhood it signifies a break from the pace and demands of our always connected lives.  I think it will be fun to watch how camps thrive in the future.  They epitomize the fact that the more things change and progress the greater sense of nostalgia we have for the way things were even though we race to keep up technologically and make sure we have the latest and greatest.  I guess it is the ying-yang of modern day living.

What are your thoughts?  Did you go to camp as a child?  Would you like to go to camp as an adult if given the opportunity?

Maybe you want to unplug for longer than summer camp.  Perhaps it is a lifestyle you’d like to live permanently.  If so, let us help you move for love and pursue your dreams.


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