Would You Move Because it is Hard?

Sometimes we think of moving for love and we immediately think of romance, adventure, and of chasing our dreams. We might think of chasing down our love on a rainy, dimly lit (except for where you are standing) street corner and say, “Yes! I’ll come with you!” Just as the bus / train pulls into the station. And for some of us, that might be what moving for love is all about. But there’s another side – the side where we move because our spouse gets another job, our parents get sick and need us to care for them, or our kids need to go to a special school. That’s the harder kind of moving for love. But it happens all the time. People pick up and move, because they are following what they love. Sometimes it ends with chasing your dreams, other times it ends with sacrificing everything for the one you love. To me this seems like the greater type of love. You’re moving away from the things we like, so that we can keep the things we truly love.

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