Would You Move For a Good Meal?

IssacsWhen I was in college I used to drive 45 minutes north of school to eat at a small restaurant called “Isaac’s

Isaac’s was a special restaurant that specialized in sandwiches. But not just any sandwiches. These extra-delicious sandwiches were named after birds. To this day I can recall my favorite sandwich: the Pterodactyl. (Part of me wonders if I liked the sandwich or the name more?)

So what does this have to do with Moving for Love?

Well, ironically the last time I ate at this restaurant was a few years out of college. I flew back to the area to see a friend of mine get married. And while I live in Cincinnati, I willingly traveled. I told her it was to see her get married. But honestly Isaac’s was a big part of it. How could I pass up a chance to eat a few meals at my favorite restaurant?

Over the course of my career I’ve traveled to some of the most amazing cities in the world. I’ve eaten steak off of 5th Avenue in New York City. I’ve tasted baklava at small cafe on the streets of Athens Greece. I’ve eaten healthy salads in Los Angeles. And I’ve tasted alligator in the heart of the south.

But in all of that, if there was only one place I could go and eat, I would choose Isaac’s. Sometimes, no matter how much you’ve seen, or how much you’ve traveled, you can’t top the love of a restaurant. Would, as we often ask here, I move for this restaurant? Probably not. But you know what – it would factor in my decision! So how about you? Has there ever been a food that you’ve loved so much that you miss? Maybe it was Mom’s cooking? Or Dad’s grilling. Or the bar down the street. Maybe it’s something that’s regional such as BBQ or wings or pizza? Would you be willing to move back just for the food?

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the food that we had growing up, it’s only once we move away that we realize just how much we loved it.

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