Would You Move To Chase Your Dreams?

I once dreamed of becoming an astronaut. I thought it would be cool to fly into space. I thought it would be exciting to go where no one had gone before. I loved Star Trek. (Who didn’t want to fight evil aliens when they were a kid?) But I never did anything about those dreams. I never pursued them. And not surprisingly, I’m not an astronaut today. Even though I love my life, part of me wonders what would have happened if I had more aggressively followed my dreams. That’s one of the appeals the Olympics have for me. As we sit on the outside of 3 weeks of Olympic competition, I can’t help but be inspired by the great lengths some of the world’s best athletes have gone to reach their dreams. We’ve heard about Michael Phelps ridiculous workout routine prior to the 2008 Olympics. We’ve heard about the intense training the Chinese divers go through. But for some Olympians to reach their dreams, they had to pick up and move. Take Gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas . Two years ago Douglas had to make a choice. Would she give up her Olympic dreams? Or would she pack up and move to get better coaching? She ultimately decided to go after Olympic glory. Her Mom, in what must have been a heart-breaking decision, let Douglas pursue her dreams. Leaving her family behind (while just 14 years old!), Gabby Douglas moved to Iowa to work with a coach who could prepare her for the Olympics. We like to think that our dreams are just there for the taking. But the truth is, they are only there for the taking if you’re willing to move for them. Dreams don’t happen if you don’t move. So the question is, are you ready to move for your dreams?

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