Write it, Stamp it, Mail it!

photo3This week I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of University of Cincinnati Business School students.  I was invited to share my business experience, leadership lessons, college advice, and community service.  I hope I kept them somewhat interested and engaged as I shared my story, thoughts and advice.  Questions are always the tell tale sign whether people are listening or not.  I have always felt strongly about the power of the pen and handwritten note both in my personal and professional life.  I think it is a habit inherited from my mom.  Anyway, I was telling these students how much I appreciate receiving a note from those I’ve interviewed or met with for whatever reason.  The group immediately had questions about the impact of their penmanship, what if the interview didn’t go that well, basically when to write and when to pass.  I responded with a question of my own whose answer I was really curious about…”Do you all still have mailboxes even at college?”  I honestly wasn’t sure.  They confirmed that they do.  So I then asked them when they opened their mailbox which would they open first a handwritten note or a generic piece of mail?  They all said the handwritten note.  Exactly my hoped for response.  While nice penmanship is certainly a plus I would take scribble a few days later every time over an immediate email message.  It takes time to get out stationary, to write a note, to address it, stamp it and mail it.   It takes very little effort to send an email.  I have to tell you that I was thrilled to hear a group of 19-21 year old men and women all agree.  I think that takeaway alone will be advice that sets them apart from many of their peers as they embark on career searches.   Some of them will stay here locally but many of them will indeed move for the love of a fresh start, new city, or new job.

Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you wrote or received a handwritten note and what impression did it make on you?  If it has been awhile, think about who you could reach out today.  I bet the impact it makes will be well worth the cost of the stamp!


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