Your Dating Life Before and After Social Media

Relocation_GuideFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Hangouts have become a regular part of life for most, to the point where we may have difficulty socializing without these channels. Long distance dating and connecting has not always been so easy. Here are a few ways that your LDR might have differed before social media.

Personal Ads
SWF desires SWM who likes golf, long walks on the beach, dogs, and pizza. Sound cheesy? Back before social media, singles placed ads in the local newspaper to find love. The descriptions and acronyms could get pretty complicated, like BHDMNS WLTM BBWWGSOH (Bald headed male non-smoker would like to meet big beautiful woman with good sense of humor)! Now you can search Facebook for people in your area or another region, who have common interests. If you still want the intrigue of personal-ads, Craigslist is the modern version of newspaper personals.

Little Black Book

The LBB was a staple of many daters before social media, and contained a list of phone numbers, usually accompanied by “ratings” or notes for each contact. The LBB was legendary for solving a cold winter night or finding a date for a wedding. At times, you might share one of your LBB contacts with a single friend who is looking to be set up on a date.

Letter Writing

Before email, text, and Skype, your long distance dating life would have relied on writing long letters to your love. Back then, stamps were cheap and if you were really committed, you would send a letter daily or weekly. These became keepsakes that often got filed into a memory box, to pull out years later when reliving the early days of your romance. Today’s easy access to communicating with each other may keep you closer on a daily basis, but definitely removes some of the romance and pining away for your loved one.

Long distance dating has been made much easier with the advancement of social media. Sometimes it is good to remember how to be romantic and spontaneous to make your LDR even better! Follow your heart — We’ll pave the way!

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